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Services Available At The Practice

General Medical Services – Dr Ng

Ante-natal & Post-natal Care – Dr Ng & Midwife

Child Health Surveillance – Dr Ng & Health Visitor

Pre-conceptual Advice & Family Planning – Dr Ng & Practice Nurse

HRT – Dr Ng & Practice Nurse

Wound Care and Dressings – District Nurse & Practice Nurse

Minor Injuries – Dr Ng & Practice Nurse

ECG (at Doctor’s discretion) - Practice Nurse

New Patient Health Check / Learning Disabilities Annual Health Check – Practice Nurse

NHS Health Check – Dr Ng & Practice Nurse

Well Woman Cervical Smear – Practice Nurse

Intramuscular Injections – Practice Nurse

Smoking Cessation Advice – Practice Nurse

Wart Treatment – Dr Ng & Practice Nurse

Childhood/Catch-Up Campaign Immunisations – Practice Nurse

Travel Advice & Vaccinations – Practice Nurse

Shingles, Flu & Pneumococcal Vaccinations – Practice Nurse

Chronic Disease Management (asthma, COPD, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, cardiovascular, chronic kidney disease, stroke/TIA, epilepsy, obesity, coronary heart disease, mental illness and hypothyroidism) – Dr Ng, Practice Nurse & District Nurse

Chronic Diseases Reviews

Mainly run by our Practice Nurse who will ensure that treatment is effective e.g. by checking inhaler technique and measuring lung function regularly for those patients who suffer from asthma and for COPD patients. Spirometry and pulse oximetry testing are performed as part of the review.

The Practice Nurse will also offer advice about maintaining health and reducing the possibility of any further problems. You may have to have a blood or urine test done as part of the monitoring process.

Child Health Vaccinations

The Practice urges all parents to have their children fully immunised. Vaccination appointments are to be made with the Practice Nurse.


Sessions are held at regular intervals for the removal of warts, verrucae, seborrhoeic warts and papillomae (skin tags). This is usually undertaken by the application of liquid nitrogen (Cryotherapy).

It is essential that patients have an appointment with the GP first so that the lesion can be properly assessed. If we are able to remove it at the surgery we will arrange for patients to have an appointment at the wart clinic.

Flu Vaccinations

An influenza vaccination is particularly recommended for patients with heart, lung or kidney disease, diabetes, pregnant women, carers and residents of nursing and rest homes.

Please contact our Reception Staff at the end of September to book your flu vaccination appointment.

If you are housebound, a home visit by the Practice Nurse will be arranged to administer this vaccination.

Immunisation Clinics

We immunise against infectious diseases which can cause death and disability and strongly recommend that all children should receive their full course of immunisation.

Other immunisations such as Shingles, Hepatitis B; Flu or Rubella are advised according to age or risk.

Please ask our Reception Staff for details.

Pneumonia Vaccinations

If you are aged 65 or over, you are strongly advised to have a pneumonia vaccination. Appointments with the nurse can be booked with our Reception Staff.

Smoking Cessation

Both our Practice Nurses have special training in this area and can offer advice and support to people who are motivated to stop smoking.

Travel Vaccinations

Patients who are planning to travel overseas, whether on business or pleasure should make an appointment with the Practice Nurse at least 8 weeks beforehand to discuss what vaccinations they will require for their trip and enable her to give them the best possible advice on all health issues, as well as administer the vaccinations.

There is a charge for some travel immunisations and prescriptions not covered by the NHS – a list of these charges is available from our Reception Staff.

Well-Woman Appointment

Smear tests for women involve an examination of the Cervix (neck of the womb) to check for changes which occur before cancer develops. These changes can be treated before cancer develops.

We recommend that women between the ages of 24 ½ and 49 years are encouraged to have a smear every three years and those aged between 50 and 64 every five years, unless advised otherwise by a doctor.

Smear tests are usually performed by the Practice Nurse. We have a recall system in place to advise women in advance of their next smear test.

If you are newly registered with the Practice, please inform us of the approximate date of the last cervical smear in order that we can put you into our recall system.

Patients should receive their results send through the post.

Breast cancer kills more women than any other cancer. It is more common in older women but, if the small changes are discovered early, there is a better chance of a successful recovery. Dr Ng and the Practice Nurse will provide information about breast cancer and also give instructions on how to examine your breasts at regular intervals.

Additional Patient Services & Healthcare Information

The Practice is committed to provide relevant information to people who use its services and the following methods will be used to provide this information:

  • During their consultation
  • Information Leaflets
  • Posters displayed in patient communal areas
  • Information and health promotion boards within the patient waiting areas i.e. local Advocacy services
  • Practice booklet / leaflet
  • Information Kiosk
  • Practice website.

If you require information on a specific topic and are unable to find it, please ask our Reception Staff, who will do their utmost to help you.

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